Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Texting Gone Wrong...Damn You Auto Correct!

When it comes to smartphones, there are two types of people.  The first type are those who absolutely refuse to have a device without a keyboard.  They've always had one, they stick by it, live by it and won't ever go without.  Then there are those who have gone to the other side.  Those who have tried going without the physical keyboard have realized that an all touch screen device isn't bad at all!

The best part about touchscreen devices are sometimes they can lead to funny typing moments.

(via. DYAC)

I LOVE this website!  It has all kind of crazy text message errors like the one above. even has an app for iPhone and Android.  Be warned though, you will be laughing out loud when you read these. Shout out to my sister for point me to this site!

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