Monday, March 14, 2011

HTC SuperHero with Cyanogenmod Slowing Down :-(

The last few days my phone slowed down to a screeching halt.  I had no idea why.  Everything was sluggish.  I tried modifying Launcher Pro settings, removing Handcent, removing ShapeWriter, clearing the Dalvik Cache...nothing seemed to work!  Luckily the CyanogenMod forums came through once again.

The Solution:
Download "GPS Status," press the menu buttons and choose tools.  Select manage a GPS State.  Reset the GPS then download the data again.

After I did this my phone was instantaneously fast again. The SuperHero is back!

This app is also great for speeding up the time it takes your phone's GPS to lock on.  It will dramatically decrease your lock on time as well as help to ensure that you have a strong signal.

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