Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watch Your Favorite Bowl Games on Xbox Live

If you have an Xbox 360, no cable but would still like to watch the major bowl games, then you're in luck!  Just head over to your dashboard and you'll be able to watch the games live on the ESPN section of LIVE.

It's nice to see Microsoft making this an interactive event.  Before the games head over to the ESPN section on your console and you can make your picks for each of the bowl games.  Scores are kept so that you can see how you're stacking up against your friends.  While making your selections you can see which and how many of your friends picked which team as the winner for each game.  Doing so will also enter you into the sweepstakes to provide you with the opportunity to attend the ESPYs or take a trip to ESPN studios.   

You get a free ESPN avatar jersey as well as an ESPN avatar hat just for entering, so you really don't lose anything.  Check our for more details. 

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