Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The HTC Evo Has Gone 3D...Don't Purchase That Evo 4G Just Yet!

via Sprint
HTC's Evo 4G was unarguably one of the hottest smartphones last summer, and Spint is looking to do the same thing again with the release of the HTC Evo 3D.  No specific release date has been given yet (I hate when carriers do that. Just do like Apple: announce something then release it week) outside of a summer time frame.  The two phones are identical from the front and pack the same features, minus the 3D capabilities of the Evo 3D that allow one to view/take pictures as well as video in 3D.  It also comes with a hefty 1750 mAh battery and great dedicated shutter button for photo taking.   Unfortunately the kickstand has been dismissed.  I'd rather have a 3.7" screen, same sized battery and kickstand in exchange for the 3D...but that's just me (c'mon now, how many people do you know with a 3D tv?).  

Check out Engadget for a video overview of the phone, as well as for a comparison of the Evo 3D versus the original Evo 4G.

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