Thursday, August 12, 2010

Droid + HTC Sense = An Unhappy Battery

Android robot logo.Image via Wikipedia          Google has created a tremendously fun and captivating experience with their Android operating system, but unfortunately this experience only lasts about an average of 10 hours before completely shutting off.  In a world where smartphone users love to remain connected and to be accessible, this crippling limitation prevents people from doing so.  A stellar phone is nothing than a faint start in the distance if it can’t get you through the day.   Below are a few tips suggested in order to help prolong one's daily Android experience.

          The easiest and most simple solution is to carry another charging cable.  The majority of smartphones have all migrated to using mini and micro USB, so you are someone you know may already have an extra charging cable laying around.  Hotels are also a great place to find extra charges.  Many times hotels will let you borrow chargers left by customers and keep it because, let’s face it, the previous owner isn’t coming home anytime soon. Carrying an extra charger benefits people with desk jobs the most for the simple fact that they can charge the phone by connecting it to their computer and still have a 100% charge when 5:00 rolls around.

                As far as the Android operating system is concerned, the following recommendations will keep help your battery last a little longer (I’ll explain directions for each in a future article):

1.       Disable wi-fi and Bluetooth

2.       Turn the brightness down (do not use automatic brightness)

3.       Decrease the syncing frequency of apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and HTC                       Weather

4.       Disable “always-on mobile data”

5.       Turn off data roaming  

6.       Update your profile and PRL

7.       Turn off “use wireless networks”

8.       Turn down your screen time out

9.       Consider using a task killer
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