Sunday, September 5, 2010

Calibrating Your Battery for Android Device

After rooting my phone, I figured I wanted to get the most out of my new SuperHero by getting the battery to last as long as possible. I searched for apps and everything under the sun, with the most simple solution being calibrating the battery. This can be done for all Android devices, rooted only , and should be done if you're experiencing higher than normal battery drain. Doing so ensures that your battery is getting the most out of it's charge.

  1. Charge your phone until the battery is full, not just when the light turns green. To check this, go to menu > settings > about phone > status, and make sure the battery level says 100%
  2. Boot your phone into recovery mode and wipe the battery stats while your phone should still be hooked up to charger (If you are using the Clockwork backup then this option will be under the advanced menu).
  3. Reboot your phone (phone should still be hooked up to charger)
  4. Once your phone has booted backup and you are at your home screen, remove the usb cord from your phone to stop the charging process.
  5. Use the phone as you normally would until the phone shuts completely off. Do not charge the battery at all before this happens.
  6. Recharge your phone to 100% again and you're good to go!

Battery Tweak

If you'd like, you can try to get further life from Collin_ph Battery Tweak. "As the battery drains, it lowers the maxumum CPU frequency. So when you have 1% battery left, you may be running at 468mhz instead of 691. Another plus is that the phone runs in a 'higher performance' mode while charging via AC, and another mode to make sure the phone is actually charging when connected bia USB, in addition to the settings mentioned above when the phone is on battery" (XDA Developers).

  1. Head to to download the latest file
  2. Drag the file to your SD card
  3. Open the Terminal Emulator app on your phone. Since you're rooted you should have it already (make sure you use the stock keyboard when using it).
  4. Type: batt-cfg
  5. Choose an option (I went with option 1...hold the menu button if the keyboard disappears on you)
  6. You should be good to go!
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